Tue 20 October 2020

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Oil Tank Security

As there have been a number of thefts of oil in our rural parishes  over the past few months, the Police Crime Prevention Officer (CPO) has provided the following tips to help us boost security levels.  Obviously, not all are appropriate in every case and if you have a specific concern or problem  the CPO will be happy to advise.


• Place new tanks as close to occupied property as is safe or even

   underground if appropriate.  Check OFTEC oil tank regulations.

• Install steel cages and/or improve security that surrounds fuel storage tanks.

• Consider the use of ‘bunded’ fuel tanks if the existing storage facility is not of

   that type.  A ‘bunded’ tank is contained within a surround that is capable of

   holding 110% of the storage capacity of the tank.

• Install a driveway alarm or wireless gateway alarm to notify occupants of

   movement near parked vehicles.

• Install fuel cap alarms - wireless transmitters can be placed inside the screw

   cap of the fuel tank. A magnetic switch on the device sets off an alarm if the

   cap is opened or tampered with. More advanced systems can be

   linked to security lighting or send a text message to the farmer, landowner,

   householder or their security provider.  An isolation switch allows authorised

   access to the tank for refuelling.

• Fit anti-siphoning devices.

• Remove portable storage from site (barrels & drums etc).

• If you become a repeat victim, discuss with your local crime prevention

   officer, the use of fuel dyes and DNA unique products such as DNA grease

   (please note there are Customs and forensic issues and this should not be

   done without advice).

• Install or confirm existing CCTV is fit for purpose.

If you see anybody loitering or acting suspiciously by an oil tank then please call the police using either 999 or 101, as appropriate.