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Help and Support.
If you have been a victim of a crime or affected by Antisocial Behaviour there are many organisations that can offer emotional and practical help.
In the first instance please notify the police as you may be able to deal with a situation but a less able person may not.
The crime you have been a victim of may be part of a chain of events, and the police will be able to log this in their quest to apprehend the offender.
Do not keep it to yourself and pretend it never occurred.  Minor offences can go on and lead to more serious crimes being committed.
There are organisations that are only too happy to help but it is your responsibility to report to them to set everything in motion.  They will be discreet and will protect your identity if you so wish.
The following are the three main organisations that can assist you:-
Victim Support.
Victim Support is an independent charity which helps people affected by crime.  If you agree the Police will pass your information to them so they can offer you their free, confidential services.
You can contact them directly and you might find it helpful to talk to one of their volunteers if you have found your experience distressing.  They are specially trained and can:
  • Talk with you on the telephone or meet you in a safe and convenient place to give support and information.
  • Give you practical advice on topics such as insurance claims, seeking medical help, and home and personal security advice.
  • Assist you with finding additional help from others for services such as counselling or housing.
  • Refer you to the right organisation if you need more specialised advice or support.
  • Help you get information from the police on the progress of your case.
Phone:                                                                                  Website:
0845 456 6099                                                           
Lines open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm.
Saturday 9am to 1pm.                                                          Further Information:                                 
Samaritans provide confidential support to people in emotional distress, 24 hours a day by telephone, email, face to face or letter.
Phone – 0845 7909 090                                         Website –
Citizens Advice Bureau.
If you have experienced a crime you may be facing financial problems and need advice.  Citizens Advice can also give you free information and support to help with legal issues and other practical problems.
Phone – 0844 4111 444                                         Website –
What you can do to help police.
Devon and Cornwall Police is committed to providing a high level of service and will do everything they can to detect the crime and take action against those responsible.  You must tell them if:
  • You remember something that you have not already reported or if you think you are being victimised and subjected to Anti-social Behaviour.
  • Your contact details change.
  • You are harassed or threatened in any way after reporting the crime to police.  It is a criminal offence to intimidate anyone helping the police in any investigation.
Your rights.
Victims of crime are entitled to a level of service and support from the police and other criminal justice agencies under the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime.  These standards include:
  • The right to be referred to Victim Support or given information about the types of support available in your area.
  • The right to be kept informed on the progress of your case on a minimum of a monthly basis and be told when there has been a major development in your case such as an arrest or a charge.
You can also make a complaint under the Code if you are unhappy with the service you receive.  For more information visit
How to contact the police.
999 Emergency.                  Where life is threatened, people are injured, offenders are nearby or if immediate action is required with an urgent response.
101 Non-emergency.         If a crime has already happened to give information about a crime, or to speak to your local Police Officer.
By Email                     
By Internet.                
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