Mon 30 November 2020

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Boat Watch
Boat Watch was formed to tackle boat related crime.  It is a scheme which brings together the police and members of the boating community to reduce theft and anti-social behaviour around the waterways.
The principle of Boat Watch is very simple, open communication between boat owners, the boating industry, Harbourmasters and the local police.  Your help is needed to report any incident of crime and disorder you experience or witness on the water or around the harbours. The more the Police and the partners know about crime happening around the waterways and harbours, the more resources will be applied to tackle and prevent it.
Boat watch messaging is a scheme that will add your details to the community messaging system, so that an alert of a boat related crime, theft or problem in a nearby harbour could be circulated to all boat owners in that area.
We can access a small supply of outboard engine covers and boat equipment deterrent kits which are available at a cost.  The marking product is supplied by Selectamark and is a solution that glows under UV light and has identifiable microdots suspended within it. There is sufficient quantity in each pot to mark up to 15 boat items belonging to the same owner.
We currently have ‘Boat Watch’ schemes in Appledore and Limers Lane, Northam. We are looking for more members for these schemes and to also set up schemes in East the Water and Clovelly.
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Boat Security

Thieves are always on the lookout for easy targets.  The following are simple steps that you can take.
  • Never leave anything valuable on display, however small and insignificant it may seem.  Thieves steal first and think about value later.
  • Do not leave anything loose in the cockpit or on deck.
  • Do not leave your engine key in the ignition – always take it with you.
  • Keep your boat keys separate from your engine keys.
  • Always keep your boat locked when no-one is on board, even for a short time.
  • Use strong padlocks or rim-locks on all your hatches, entry points and cockpit lockers.
  • Constantly check and improve the security on your boat.  Fit an alarm and use a visible sticker to say one is fitted.  Make sure your cockpit lockers can be properly locked, and check that your main hatch and fore-hatch are strong.  Have a strongbox situated below and if you think something is insecure then get it fixed.
General steps to take when leaving your boat.
  • Lock anything valuable out of sight in a strong locker secured by a strong padlock.
  • Lock up emergency money away from other valuables.
  • Keep your curtains closed so that no-one can look in.
  • Keep unused ropes, fenders and other items out of sight in your cockpit lockers and cupboards and always keep them locked.
  • Make sure that your life raft and outboard motor are secure, as these are valuable and attractive to thieves.
  • When you go ashore from a dinghy, always remove your oars or paddles, rowlocks or pump, and secure the dinghy with a strong chain and padlock.
  • If you are the victim of boat theft, call the police immediately and inform the harbour master or boatyard manager. Check to make sure that your boat is still seaworthy and hasn’t been damaged.  Check that neighbouring boats have not been broken into.
Other useful advice.
  • Get to know other boat owners and work together to keep the marina secure.  Report any strangers at the marina to the harbour master and keep an eye on other boats.  Do not give your marina access card to other people and do not give away the code.
  • Keep a list of all the serial numbers on valuables like your radio, navigation equipment or outboard motor.  Keep a copy of the list at home and on your boat.  This can help you, the police and your insurance company if you have a break-in.
  • Boat Marking System is a method of tagging your boat and more information can be gained about Boatmark by phoning 01722 413346.
  • The Crime Prevention Officer at your local police can give good prevention advice.
  • It is important that you take the security of your boat as you would the security of your home.  You have invested a lot of money in buying your boat so it is worth taking extra care in securing it.
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