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Neighbourhood Watch Schemes began to appear in Torridge during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, these were normally small and quite individual. In August 2001 Devon and Cornwall Police appointed a Watch Development Officer who invited all interested parties in Torridge District to a meeting that was held in the Bideford Town Hall. From this meeting the Torridge District Neighbourhood Watch Forum was formed. Most of the members came from the Crime Prevention Panel that had been wound up.
Derek Thorn became its first Chairman and held that office until he retired in 2008 and made certain that it was on a sound foundation before handing over to Barry Taylor.  Barry was Chairman for two years until he retired in 2010, and carried out a huge amount of work on re-organising the way membership data was recorded, and also got many of our publications re-written and up to date. Tom Carrick then took over as Chairman and in February 2015 will have completed five years in the post with one more year remaining before re-election is due.  For the last three years David Braziel has been Vice-Chairman and together with Tom has made many changes to the structure and to the types of meetings we hold.
In February 2014 Torridge District NHW have 33 Area Co-ordinators, 301 Co-ordinators and have got 5,866 Households in Membership.  These figures are changing regularly but we have had a steady growth since we started.  We have four officers, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary Mike Jackson and Treasurer Helena Schiller.  We have a Forum which is our Management Committee with a maximum of 20 members and they meet four times a year plus our AGM which is held in February each year.  Officers are in post for two years before going for re-election.
Each year we hold one NHW Meeting in Holsworthy, Torrington, Bideford and one in a different village each year.  The AGM takes place each year in Bideford.  Each Thursday afternoon we hold a Ring-Around in which David notifies Co-ordinators of crimes which have been committed in their local area the last week.  Each week we also produce a Crime Report which is produced by Tom and David and this is sent out to Co-ordinators, Members, Police Beat Teams, Councils and Media by email which covers the whole of Torridge.  We also make several visits around the area with our Beat Teams each year to meet members and to spread the word about Crime Reduction.  We also carry out talks to interested groups and organisations when requested.  We are at the moment in the process of setting up our own Website which we hope to complete this year.
We are always seeking ways to improve the service we provide to our members and the general public and the support we provide to our Police Force.  We work closely with our Police but are independent with our Support Office at Bideford Police Station.
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