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What is Anti-social Behaviour?

Anti-social Behaviour is anything that makes a person feel annoyed, intimidated, worried, scared or simply bullied.

The legal definition of Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) is: “Acting in a manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household.”

In simple terms: “Anti-social Behaviour is when one person causes another person to be unhappy, frightened, annoyed or distressed.”

It is not correct that Anti-social Behaviour can only be caused by youths and teenagers, but anyone is capable of causing it.

Types of Anti-social Behaviour.

Anti-social Behaviour can be caused by one person, groups and can be drink related.

Some of the more common types are:

Racing cars  Loud Music  Graffiti  Bullying  Swearing

Nuisance ball games  Fire setting  Spitting  Skateboarding 

Nuisance Fireworks  Begging  Fighting  Street Drinking

Littering  Dog fouling  Shouting  Underage drinking

Anti-social Behaviour can effect anyone including you and your family.

Who deals with Anti-social Behaviour?


The Police deal with:

• Verbally abusive language
• Criminal damage
• Speeding cars
• Underage drinking
• Threatening and intimidating behaviour
• Lewd and inappropriate sexual behaviour
• Substance abuse/drug dealing
• Hoax calls

If you witness an incident or emergency,    phone the Police on 999.
If you discover an incident or non-emergency,  phone the Police on 101.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.
They deal with arson and nuisance fire setting and can be contacted on 01392 872200.
In the event of an emergency, phone 999 and ask for fire.

Housing Associations (RSL’s).
Community related Anti-social Behaviour issues affecting housing association tenants and or local residents.

Local Authority Waste, Recycling and Street Cleaning Services.
• Graffiti and fly posting
• Fly tipping
• Littering
• Unauthorised distribution of free literature
• Refuse collection, street sweeping, litter bin emptying
• Public conveniences-cleaning/vandalism

North Devon Council phone 01271-388870 (office hours only)
Torridge Grimebusters phone 0800 1422 442

Local Authority Environmental Health and Housing Service.
• Dog control and dog fouling
• Noise and other statutory nuisances
• Abandoned vehicles
• Nuisance parking/vehicle sales in the street

North Devon Council 01271 388870 (office hours only)
Torridge District Council 01237 428810 (office hours only)

Top tips when dealing with Anti-social Behaviour.
• Do not turn a blind eye to it and think it will go away, it will not.
• Do not confront the offenders yourself, this usually causes more problems.
• Report it to the relevant authority as soon as possible.
• Give has much information about offenders as possible, name, clothing, height and features.
• If verbal, write down the exact words spoken.
• It may not be too offensive to you, but think of it occurring to a less able person than you.
• If you experience it happening to someone else, then Report it.
• Threatening behaviour is not something to tolerate.
• Look out for your elderly neighbours and elderly family members.
• If it happens more than once keep a record of time, dates and details of incidents.
• If you do not feel comfortable reporting it, then get a friend or neighbour to do it for you.

If the problem is not too serious, you could approach the person to make them aware that they are causing you distress.  If you do this then follow these steps.
• Stay calm and communicate in a friendly manner.
• Explain the problem.
• Listen to their point of view.
• Dial 999 if life is threatened, people are injured, offenders are nearby or prompt action is required.


             Tom Carrick 10.03.2015.