Mon 30 November 2020

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The Keyholder Registration Scheme.
Through this scheme you can nominate a responsible person for the police to contact should your home or business come to their notice. The person’s contact details will be registered on a confidential database maintained by Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and can be accessed 24 hours a day, all year round.
So who should join?
Even if your premises have a monitored alarm you  can also join the Keyholder Scheme to cover incidents which affect your premises but would not activate your alarm and therefore alert the emergency services. For example, a flood caused by a burst water main.  You should also join the scheme is you have an audible-only alarm which is not monitored by a third party.  Where there is no alarm, the emergency services will have a point of contact should something happen.
What are the benefits?
A rapid response to problems at your property.
Authorities can quickly notify you of any impending danger such as flooding.
Your information will be kept secure and will only be available to the emergency services.
Your information can be easily updated.
You can indicate your preferences for emergency repairers who we could call if we are unable to contact you.
How to join?
You will need to telephone 0901 470 0440 to register your details and give the following details:
      Name of premises (plus URN number if there is a monitored alarm)
Full name, address, postcode and telephone number together with full contact details for the
nominated contact person.
Any hazards at the address such as toxic substances, dogs or other pets, ponds, swimming pools.
Your preferences for emergency repairs should these be necessary  such as glazing, locksmith other.
There is a charge involved with the scheme. The calls cost 60p per minute with a maximum cost of £5 –Users only have to call again if they wish to update any details and once again every two years to ensure your entry is kept live on the system – which of course will incur an additional cost.  It is the cost of the calls that covers the cost of the service.

Click here to see the police information leaflet.