Mon 30 November 2020

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NHW Co-ordinators Wanted

Contrary to the old age belief, Neighbourhood Watchers are NOT curtain twitchers !!
Many households have replaced their curtains with blinds etc. and Neighbourhood Watch has moved on too.

Essentially our members are :

Interested in what’s going on in the Community.
The extra eyes and ears for reporting crime and
Willing to give a helping hand to others who may need it.
Yes, I'm talking about YOU. Your support helps to create and maintain a more safe and nicer community in which we all like to live.
As Chair of the District Neighbourhood Watch Association I'm keen to spread the word and increase our numbers; to re-establish and put us at the forefront of our community.
Can you help to revive Neighbourhood Watch?
It will only take a little time and effort from us, like-minded people.
Any ideas, suggestions and offers of support would be greatly appreciated.
Please reply in response at the bottom of this message.

Thank you.
David Braziel - Chair of Torridge District Neighbourhood Watch.

David can be contacted by email by click here

or by phone at 01237 421838