Mon 30 November 2020

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(What can we  do about it?)

Rural properties and farms can be a target for thieves because they are isolated. Expensive power tools, quad bikes, machinery and diesel, kept in unsecured barns and outbuildings are very attractive to opportunistic thieves.

Due to the isolated nature of rural areas it is far from easy to prevent crime but we can all take simple steps to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

One of the best ways is to register with Farm Watch or Horse Watch.

Farm Watch/Horse Watch.

Farm Watch look after property and live-stock through the sharing of intelligence between the community and the Police.

They provide a ring-around service, encourage neighbours to look out for each other and give local Police Officers an opportunity to get to know their local community.  They also provide property marking and crime prevention advice.

Horse Watch members work together to reduce theft of horses, ponies and equestrian equipment.
You can join by visiting

Report any suspicious vehicles, trespassers or anyone asking about scrap metal to the police.  A bona fide dealer will have the correct ID.

If you see vehicles or people loitering, or potentially looking for opportunities then call the police.

Mark your property and register equipment, vehicles and other items on

You can take extra measures to protect your property, buildings and vehicles by taking the following steps.  Thieves will take the easy options.

Farm Buildings.
• Lock doors and windows.
• Put up a gate and lock the entrance to your premises.
• Use security lighting.
• Consider an alarm system.
• Secure your office and computer equipment.
• Use timer switches on lights.
• If appropriate install CCTV.
• Mark all your property.

Fuel Theft.
• Lock your fuel tank and hide containers.
• Consider using fuel tank alarms.
• Improve lighting around fuel tanks.
• Install CCTV to focus on fuel tanks.

Vehicle and Equipment Security.
• Immobilise or lock farm vehicles away out of sight.
• Do not leave keys in the ignition.
• Keep tools locked away.
• Consider fitting tracking devices.
• Mark and register your tools and equipment.

Scrap Metal.
• Scrap metal is in demand due to high prices so do not leave it around.
• Mark valuable metal such as lead and copper.
• Keep it in a locked store out of sight.
• Paint a distinctive mark on gates and take photographs of them.
• Dispose of scrap metal regularly and take it to a reputable dealer.

Livestock and Horse Security.
• Check your livestock regularly at least once a day.
• Keep farm hands aware of where livestock should be.
• Record details of suspicious people and vehicles and notify police.
• Keep photographs of your horses and valuable livestock in summer and winter.
• Join your local Farm Watch and Horse Watch Schemes.

Boundary Security.
• Lock gates with padlocks.
• Secure hinges to stop gate theft by them lifting gates off hinges.
• Maintain boundaries to prevent loss of stock etc.
• Display warning notices as a deterrent.

General Information.
• For more information visit
• Where life is threatened, people are injured, offenders are nearby or if immediate action is required with an urgent response.   Phone 999 Emergency.
• If a crime has already taken place or to give information.   Phone 101 Non-Emergency.
• Calls to 101 only cost 15 pence from a landline or mobile phone, no matter what time of day, where you are calling from in England and Wales or how long the call lasts.
• For more advice on preventing rural theft you can contact your local Police Beat Team on 101.
• You can email the police on
• To contact Torridge District Neighbourhood Watch phone Tom Carrick at 01237-474031.
• You can email Tom Carrick at
• You can also visit the Torridge NHW Website at
• You can phone CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111.     

In Torridge we do get sheep stolen.
We do get Tractors and Quad Bikes stolen.
We also get scrap metals stolen.
We do have a low crime rate, but crime does take place.
Take precautions before the event rather than have regrets after.
Around 50% of burglaries and thefts in Torridge are due to items being left insecure.

           Tom Carrick 10.03.2015.