Mon 30 November 2020

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Definitions of crimes explained

Fear of crime

In Torridge District we have a very low crime level and most crimes committed are of an opportunist nature.  Premises and vehicles which have been left insecure and unattended are vulnerable to the ever alert criminals, together with valuables left on show.

Burglary # other steal or W/I STEAL/DAMG/G-B-H

In Torridge District Burglaries involving occupied dwellings are rare.  Most involve sheds, garages, business premises, farm buildings or other unoccupied buildings.  The majority are from buildings which are left insecure and are of an opportunist nature.  A thief does not have to break in for it to be called a burglary.

Theft # - of motor vehicle

Again the majority of vehicles stolen in Torridge have been parked insecure and unattended.  In several recent incidents the keys have been left in the ignition and are again of an opportunist nature.

Theft # - from motor vehicle

Vehicles parked insecure and unattended and in badly lit quiet areas are most vulnerable especially were valuable items are displayed.  Even when leaving your vehicle unattended for just a few moments you are vulnerable as thieves are known to watch for you not securing your vehicle.  Theft from vehicles also covers theft of fuel and parts from vehicles.

Theft - non specific

This covers a number of situations including, ornaments from gardens, flower baskets from side of buildings, mobile phones and other valuables left unattended in pubs, libraries, school class rooms.  Filling your car with petrol and driving off without paying, farm gates to fields, shopping bags, are just a few.  Recently a Paramedic treating a patient had his green bag stolen.

Theft - of pedal cycle

Most include instances were the cycle has been left insecure and unattended in reasonably quiet areas.  A lock and chain will usually put off a thief as he will look for an easier target.  Most of these crimes are of an opportunist nature.
Top tip
Thieves will always look for the easy targets so lock it, hide it, make it difficult for them.
Thomas Carrick
(Chairman, Torridge District NHW Forum)